Are you a K-16 administrator, school district leader, charter school official, or professor of education? This is for you!430_3299778

Knowing isn’t enough.

K-16 administrators, school district leaders, charter school officials, and professors of education all know that technology is changing almost every function of teaching and learning. Technology is moving much faster than policies can keep up. Students, teachers, and parents are bringing new devices to your essential school network every day.

Without the right policies, you are at risk.

It could be parents, professors, teachers, or students who are pushing the technology envelope in your organization. How do you respond to the expectation that a school is a place where all technology is embraced? How do you respond without being too restrictive, too permissive, or violating CIPA, FERPA, or HIPAA?

You need a secret weapon.

Here it is. After 23 years’ experience in schools, corporate settings, and district-level instructional technology, we have what you need.


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